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August 11, 2009, 1:43 pm
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I am sorry for people who have been waiting for my next blog post. I will no longer be posting in this blog, because of that evil place people call SCHOOL. -_-; I will upload Cassie’s family as soon as some confusion with my account on The Sims 3 website is sorted out. (AKA I had my serial code entered, but it DELETED it from my account and I can’t re-use it! >_< Anyone know if you can us the serial code for the expansion pack for that…?) I am sorry for anyone that was following my blog, I don’t know when I will put the family up, but once I do, perhaps you can re-create Cassie’s story yourself and see what happens.


August 6, 2009, 12:39 pm
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In the middle of the night, my parents and brother are woken up by Sarita screaming her poor little head off.

Picture 29

I wake up to my dad lighting the fire.

Picture 31

I had no clue, but my brother had run away to find some gold after being waken up, so at 6:30, the cops find him and bring him home.

Picture 32

He only got a moth, which he released. When we- Yes, “WE”- go to school, I make a point of ignoring him in the bus.

Picture 33

I also run ahead of him to get into the school building, embarassed by my horrible brother.

Picture 34

It is my parent’s day off of work. My dad soon decides to criticize me in front of Mom; Which, surprisingly, causes her to get angry. I don’t know why, they both hate me as it is…

Picture 35

they argue, seemingly oblivious to Sarita’s screaming.

Picture 36

Mom decided to attempt to bore my dad to death, still ignoring Sarita’s screaming, even though my sister moved over to them SPECIFICALLY to make sure they WOULDN’T ignore her! Geez, my parents are so heartless.

Picture 37

“Aren’t flies so interesting? I love staring at them for hours on end. I mean, how can you not like- Hey, honey? HONEY? Are you listening…?”

Picture 38

August 5, 2009, 12:22 pm
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While I am asleep, Timothy and Mom turn the TV on and start working out.

Timothy and Annalise working out

they have no idea that I have woken up and was fishing in a very small pond on our property that I wasn’t allowed to fish in because I had run out of fish in my inventory. -_-;

Cassie fishing in the "Forbidden Pond" =O

I know that mom and dad have bought Sarita a new toy so that she won’t watch TV. Their plot worked. 

Sarita playing with new toy

When Dad gets back from Jail, he joins in the workout, despite being exausted.

Picture 23

An hour later, I stop fishing and turn around to see that my parents have demolished the brick wall that was my room and sold my bench, and replaced it all with a room right by the house. They also bought me a new toy stove and teddy bear. Later, I discover that it wasn’t my parents completely. My brother had persuaded them to do this, and had also… err… “Borrowed” a lounger from a public pool. I look at the yard closer, and see my dad lighting the fire in the fire pit.

Picture 26

When dad leaves, I hastily roast a fish over the fire.

Picture 27

It’s not a perfect room, but it is SO much better, thanks to my wonderful brother.

Picture 28

Well… Perhaps it still isn’t a very good room… I still have a long way to go before I am considered worthy of a bed by my brother and parents… -_-;

Another day
August 4, 2009, 12:43 pm
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I wake up the next day at exactly 8:00. I get in the schoolbus and have a surprise: MY BROTHER ISN’T SKIPPING SCHOOL FOR ONCE!!! Turns out, he only came to slack off and steal from the teachers.

Cassie getting out of school

While I wait by the door to get out of school, I see a familiar face go by in a police car.

Joseph getting arrested again

My dad has been arrested again. -_-;

Cassie about to eat and Timothy talking to himself

I go home to see that my brother has lit the fire for me, and is talking to himself by it. I sit down and roast another of my fish. 

Later on, My mother is taking care of Sarita, so I try to sneak in and sleep on dad’s bed. I get kicked out of the house and try to do my homework in peace, before lying down to go to sleep on my bench.

Cassie asleep

School, work, and Jail
August 3, 2009, 12:00 pm
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After fishing for a while, I realize that it is already nighttime. I go back to my little yard surrounded by a high brick wall and take a nap on my bench. By the time I wake up, I see my father walking towards the fire pit my parents gave me so that I could feed myself.

 Joseph lighting the fire

Dad lights the fire for me before roasting a marshmallow. I am very hungry, so I roast a fish that I caught earlier. When I am done roasting my fish and I begin to eat, My Dad retreats to the one-room house, and I take naps until schooltime. I go to school and work hard, but Timothy decides to skip school and go to the local pool to build up his athletic skill. One hour later, my parents go to work, but they leave the TV on the kid’s channel for Sarita, who happily watches until the Babysitter arrives.

Sarita watching TV

In the middle of the day, my dad gets arrested and spends that evening in jail.

Joseph being arrested

That night, I get home and do my homework. Timothy goes to the gym in the middle of the night, and gets brought home my the policewoman, who is disgusted by the smell coming from my brother.

 Timothy caught after Curfew

I go nap on the bench until the next day.

August 2, 2009, 11:31 pm
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I didn’t ask to be born into a family of criminals. The Davis family is known as a family of mean-spirited and evil Kleptomaniacs.

My family

That is why my family hates me; Because I am different from them.

Cassie and joseph

There is me and my father. My father, Joseph, loves to patronize me and steal candy from my little sister, Sarita. I feel bad for sarita. She is going to grow up sad and abused, and she will most likely become a criminal as well as Timothy, my teenage brother. He already wants to become a criminal and follow in my dad and Annalise, my Mother’s, footsteps.

Annalise and Timothy arguing

As soon as Timothy, my father, and my mother get inside the house, My father starts talking to himself, and Annalise yells at Timothy, accusing him of being insane. Sarita crawls in looking extremely bored.

Sarita looking tired and bored

While they go inside the house and get cereal to eat and Sarita screams her head off becuase she is bored, I go outside and look at my “bed,” Which is really just a bench. I sigh, and I go outside to fish; Which is really the one thing that I am good at.

Cassie fishing